Being in charge of your money tomorrow starts with planning today.

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If something happened and you had trouble paying your bills or managing your income and expenses, you'd need someone to step in and help. Most people need some level of assistance managing their money as they age, no matter how much money they have and how healthy they are now.

Choosing someone you trust to be your financial advocate will help keep your money safe and give you peace of mind.

A financial advocate might be your spouse, adult child, other relative, close friend, or even a paid professional.

Financial advocates can handle your money matters like paying bills, repaying money you owe, applying for benefits, managing property, filing insurance claims, paying taxes, and keeping an eye on your retirement savings. Your advocate needs to know what matters to you and have the authority to step in if needed. The Thinking Ahead Roadmap is not intended to provide legal or financial advice or serve as a substitute for working with a legal or financial professional.

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We're here to help you pick the right person and make sure you're ready for whatever lies ahead.

Let's get started on making a plan today.