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If something happened and you had trouble paying your bills or managing your expenses, you'd need a trusted financial advocate to step in and help.

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One in five people age 75-79 have mild cognitive impairment or dementia. This risk increases to one in two for people in their 80s. Research shows that even mild cognitive impairment makes it hard for people to manage their money on their own.

Although many people remain financially sharp as they age, it's smart to have a plan for whatever changes may lie ahead. The Thinking Ahead Roadmap will help you protect your money from scams, exploitation, and costly financial mistakes by choosing someone you trust to be your financial advocate.

Being in charge of your money tomorrow starts with planning today.

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When Cathy and Mark started forgetting to pay their bills on time, their daughter Amy was ready to help. Cathy always kept detailed records and assigned Amy as her and Mark's financial advocate. Amy made sure her parents paid their taxes on time, kept insurance policies up-to-date, and avoided late fees penalties.

Financial advocates can handle your money matters like paying your bills, repaying money you owe, applying for government benefits, managing property, filing insurance claims, paying taxes, and keeping an eye on your retirement savings.

Son taking picture with his elderly father
When Yusuf was hospitalized after a stroke, scammers tried to take over his online bank accounts. Luckily Yusuf had authorized his son Nasir to have access to his financial accounts for closer monitoring. Nasir spotted the unusual activity and stopped the scammers from withdrawing his father's money before it was too late.
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Having a financial advocate will help keep your money safe and give you peace of mind. A financial advocate might be your spouse, partner, adult child, other relative, close friend, or even a paid professional.

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Patricia ran out of savings and needed to enroll in Medicaid to help pay for long term care. As Patricia's financial advocate, her granddaughter Jeanine was able to gather all the necessary financial paperwork and submitted the application on time.

Your financial advocate needs to know what matters to you. They also need to have the authority to step in if needed.

We're here to help you pick the right person to help keep your money safe and ensure your needs are met.