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Looking to bring the Thinking Ahead Roadmap to your community? We've made it easy to hold workshops on advance financial care planning with aging adults. Workshops can be led by members of faith-based organizations, senior centers, law practices, financial planning firms, healthcare organizations, and more. To make things simple, we've developed presentation slides, worksheets, and handouts to create a lively learning experience that encourages active participation and group interaction.

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The full Thinking Ahead Roadmap materials can be covered in a half-day workshop or in three 1-hour sessions. The full course includes facilitator-led group discussions, peer-to-peer conversations, and individual worksheets that participants can use to personalize their planning.

For presenters and audiences short on time, we've developed a 1-hour mini course that focuses on the first planning steps that will motivate participants to get a head start and follow through on their own.


Instructions for presenters

Use this instruction sheet as a guide to holding a Thinking Ahead Roadmap workshop in your community.

Facilitator's Guide

PowerPoint presentations for presenters

These presentation slides are intended for workshop facilitators. Presentation instructions are provided in the "Notes" section of the slides. The slides and notes serve as your script, making delivery easy and stress-free.

Full Thinking Ahead Roadmap Workshop PowerPoint Presentation - approximately 3 hours

Thinking Ahead Roadmap mini course - approximately 1 hour

Worksheets for participants

These worksheets help participants develop their personalized financial care plans. During the workshop, you'll have time for participants to complete each of these worksheets as a solo activity.

Picking Your Financial Advocate

Planning Your Conversation: The Four "Ws"

Financial Values Quiz

Developing Your Early Warning System

Slide handouts for participants

These PDF copies of the full workshop and mini course PowerPoint presentations can be shared directly with participants.

Full Workshop Slides for Participants

Mini Course Slides for Participants