We’ve created a detailed version of the Thinking Ahead Roadmap that’s available for download. It contains the same information as the website plus additional tips and strategies that will help you plan for what’s next. Print out a copy or share the link with your friends and family.


Download and print out your own copy of the Thinking Ahead Roadmap and share the link with friends and family.



The Thinking Ahead Roadmap is now available to order through lulu.com. We priced this book so that you only pay the cost of printing and shipping! The book contains the Roadmap along with the handouts featured below.

In addition to the Thinking Ahead Roadmap, we've prepared additional handouts for you and your advocate.

Advice for Solo Agers

Financial Advocate Tasklist

What Financial Advocates Need to Know

Fillable Financial Inventory Spreadsheet

Tips to Protect Your Retirement Investments and Income

Example Power of Attorney